10 Important SEO Tips for Every Web Designers

SEO Tips for Every Web Designers

Proper implementation of SEO is crucial for any website to enjoy the kind of online exposure it deserves. Any professional SEO company like Media Fx understands the importance of using such methods from the design phase of a site as it makes them even more effective. Here are some SEO tips for web designers provided by the best web design company in India.

Conducting thorough Keyword Research : An SEO strategy must be planned from early stages of website designing. Keyword research is carried out at first in order to determine what the target customers are searching for when they are browsing the net for the same products and services.

Meaningful URL : Since Google goes through the words that are used in URLs, it is important to integrate the keyword phrases and keywords within them. This can make it easier for Google to understand what a particular site is all about.

Responsive Design : More people are now using their mobiles to browse the internet. Due to this reason it has become necessary for designers to make use of a template that can easily adjust itself to all kinds of screen sizes from desktops to mobiles and tablets.

Adding Relevant Title Tags : A title page provides with a clear picture about the topic that is discussed in a particular web page. The title tags are featured in 3 distinct places, i.e. the browsers, the search engine result pages and the external websites. Keep the number of characters in the title tag less than 65.

Describe your Image Files Appropriately : Optimize your site to make it more search engine friendly. Use descriptive file names to optimize the image files used in your site. Google can read names of image files but cannot decipher meaningless words. Make use of keywords and little descriptions that will make it easier for search engines to understand the file names.

Add a Call-to-Action Message on Every Page : By adding a call-to-action message on every page, you can encourage your site visitors to take the actions that you want them to. It is also a great way to understand what your site visitors are doing. You can schedule a consultation or add a shopping cart button. These call-to-action messages always produce effective results.

Stay Away from Using Large Sized Images : Keep the size of your image files below 70kb. These images will take much less time to load and will play a vital role in enhancing your site’s bounce rate.

Keep Primary Content at the Top : Make sure to keep all important information at the top so that viewers can read them instantly. Google has updated its algorithm for the page layouts and sites that have important information placed at the top are rewarded.

Steer Clear of Flash Intros : Flash files are rich media format that Google and other search engines don’t scroll. Today, HTML5 and Flash files are a type of rich media format which Google and various other search engines do not scroll. Instead of flash, most website designers make use of HTML5 and a number of other latest languages.

Improve Site Speed : Your site speed should be fast. Make sure to keep your page design light so that they load easily. With greater loading time, the bounce rate for your site with browsers and external sites will increase. A reputed web design firm like Media Fx can offer proper guidance on how to improve your site speed.

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