11 Tools that will Save Your Time with Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Top notch content marketing always takes plenty of time and earnest effort. However, some online marketers do manage to accomplish more results than others by spending less time. It is therefore no wonder that any marketing expert working with a professional SEO company would want to learn about such methods. Media Fx is one of the top 10 web design companies in India known for offering quality content marketing services to various business firms. The experts with this firm present a list of fine tools that would help a marketer to achieve more by spending less time and effort.

1. Feedly : Feedly is an RSS reader that allows you compile blogs posted at different sites and present them in a single place for you to go through them. This saves much time for you as you do not have to visit individual sites and look for blogs associated with a specific topic.

2. TrendSpottr : TrendSpottr can help you to catch the latest trends in content, phrases, hashtags and influencers before others get to use them. It not only provides you with an edge over your competitors but allows you to create unique content that can then be followed by others. Most of the top 10 web design companies in India love to work with TrendSpottr.

3. : Images form an important part of any content strategy. Good images can greatly enhance the value of an ordinary content. is an application that can help users to create attractive infographics within a short time.

4. Canva : Canva is another useful tool that allows users to create excellent images without using the help of designers. It is ideal for producing small images that can be used with blog posts and social media posts. Canva has multiple templates to work with that helps in creating customized images.

5. Hemingway Editor : Hemingway Editor is an excellent written content editor that allows in removing mistakes and improving the quality of the content.

6. StayFocusd : StayFocusd is a Chrome plugin that helps in blocking distracting websites. Users can choose the sites personally that they want blocked.

7. Tomato Timer : Tomato Timer is a time management tool that helps a marketer to enhance productivity by managing time efficiently.

8. Trello : Trello is a tool that allows content marketers to organize their projects efficiently. It allows them to work with boards and cards that allow them to schedule content-related tasks, add reminders and perform other functions that enable them to perform their work in an organized manner.

9. : is an efficient marketing tool that allows users to streamline the process of content management and promotion.

10. Buffer : Buffer helps marketers to promote their content on social media by managing all types of social media accounts under a single platform. It also helps in scheduling posts so that they are published automatically at the pre-decided time.

11. : is a tool that allows marketers to connect with people on Twitter based on the keywords that are entered.

Using these tools as recommended by Media Fx, a leading professional SEO company in Kolkata one can easily reduce their efforts and time while at the same time come up with better content marketing results.

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