2018 SEO Top 3 Trends to Watch Out For

2018 SEO Top 3 Trends to Watch Out For

SEO is a landscape that’s forever changing! And since it’s 2018 now, there are new trends that will dominate this domain. So as the year gets started, here are the top 3 SEO trends that any or most professional SEO company in India would emphasize on.

Maximized page features for search engine results:

It is the objective of an SEO consultant to attain and maintain a high volume of traffic for a concerned website. This would the outcome of aiming for the top place on a search engine result page. However, apart from getting to this place, what is also essential to maintain it. Keeping in mind the new age search engine developments, attaining this number 1 place might not suffice. Today, the online world has outgrown the listings of the ten search listings, hypertext highlighted in blue and few of the clearly marked ads. Even the SERP’s come with cluttered videos, images, social media mentions, links, multiple widgets, ads and in-depth analysis. Hence, even for a number 1, it’s easy to be lost in the maze of other page features. Even though key phrase and keyword optimization are essential, today there are many other offsite aspects to consider. There are other features such as news block, AdWords, local packs, featured snippets, reviews, video, tweets, shopping results, image pack and many other site links.

Page Speed:

Today everyone wants data fast! Nothing seems to be more disappointing that clicking on a site that has the answer to your query, but it taking time to load. Chances are if the website doesn’t load in a max of 5 to 10 seconds, the audience today would bounce off to another website. Slow web pages are a complete deal breaker and it also makes the traffic suffer. Page speed happens to be a user experience feature that is anticipated of most websites. So if you have been mulling if your website is fast enough, then you can opt-in for the Google PageSpeed Insights.

Voice search happens to be more real today:

Similar to 2017, voice search is said to progress even more. There are several consumers who love the ease and convenience of speaking than having their query typed. Not only that’s fast but also allows a chance for the queries to be way more detailed. Also, the voice recognition software has up to a point where the users are perfectly fine trusted to understand their normal speech. The maximized detail of search queries indicates that you will have to move beyond the simple keyword and the phrases to rank and concentrate on the terms and phrases that people are going to use loud. Also, people speak rather differently than they type. Hence, your SEO needs to have conversational sentences and terms.

These are the top 3 SEO trends for 2018 that any best and professional SEO Company in India would be researching on and implementing their SEO service to cater to their customers better.

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