3 Ways SEO Benefits Responsive Web Design

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More and more people of today prefer to switch from an old phone to Smartphone, to browse the internet at their fingertips. Thus, it becomes important to optimize the website for all screen size. In this article, best web solutions will find ways to helps you develop a responsive design that is SEO-friendly. Responsive web design is a single web design that is meant for all screen size. It is a popular mean to upgrade your user experience whether mobile or static. In a simple way, we define responsive design as a way to reformat website’s pages depending on the screen size they get displayed. The devices include a phone, tablet, or desktop computer and everywhere the display of same content in a potential manner is all for improving the user experience.

This has been of many raves in the web industry and has introduced a remarkable way to ensure that the content on any screen size is readable and is able to convince the readers. It is different from other mobile solutions says the top development companies, which allows designers and developers to create a separate mobile site or a dynamically served mobile site. However, when we refer to SEO it needs to be a responsive layout that increases the chance of a website to succeed in the SERP.

Google Prefers Responsive Website

It is wise to pay attention to what Google loves. Google recommends the use of responsive web design as the best way to target the mobile users of today. It also favors mobile-optimized sites while presenting results for the searches made on a mobile device. There is still some debate moving on surrounding this issue, but from an SEO point of view, the responsive site is the best for any online business. Separate mobile websites come with their own URL, different HTML compared to their desktop counterpart. However, the responsive websites uses one URL and one set of pages and files making it simple for Google to crawl.

They have One Website and One URL

Building a spate website has their benefits and in some instance, the mobile version alone does an awesome work. If a website features too many contents, a responsive version is easy to scroll. This is where a mobile website with content refines mobile browsing. From the SEO perspective of the top SEO Company in Kolkata, having a separate mobile site is what you need to build the authority. Redesigning your website as responsive helps to maintain backlinks and will direct links to one domain, giving your responsive website a boost in the SERPs.

Looking for A Web Design Company

A responsively designed website work effectively for mobile and tablet users. Mobile websites suffer from high bounce rate if the content offers to strip down. Google interprets this high bounce rate as a sign that offers relevant content to users. With the help of responsively designed site, this helps to combat by presenting all of the same content. The above points are some of the best web solutions which can help you to perk up the SEO benefits and make your website mobile friendly.

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