4 Effective Ways to Build Backlinks for a Brand New Site

Effective Ways to Build Backlinks

Building backlinks for a brand new site is one of the most effective ways to improve its ranking. However, there is always a lot of speculation about the strategies that one must take for building the backlinks. While purchasing social media bookmarks and directory links was once considered to be an effective method for linking, it is now a thing of the past and cannot produce the same kind of results anymore. As a professional SEO company, Media Fx recommends certain proven and result oriented backlinking strategies that can help in getting immediate traffic along with long-term search rankings.

1. Provide with something unique to your users :

When you are doing SEO for a new business, you need to remember that hardly anyone knows anything about the company. So even if the company has a lot to provide to buyers, people have little or no information about them. However, it is still possible to get attention from browsers who have little or no idea about the business and this can be done by effective link building. One of the ways that this can be done is by creating a nice photo gallery and then sending the link to the gallery to popular bloggers. A good way to proceed with this strategy is by developing a custom image gallery. You can also create tools within the site that helps in performing different types of important activities. Alternately, a great way to obtain backlinks is by doing research for others regarding a particular topic which can then fetch more visitors.

2. Analyze backlink building techniques used by industry competitors :

Plenty of companies offering digital marketing services in India simply choose to study the backlinking strategies that are used by companies belonging to the same niche market. So for instance, if your rival firm is using particular site for getting the backlinks, then you can also use it for obtaining your own backlinks. You can also use specialized tools that would help you to find optimum backlinks for a particular site. To use these tools, all you need to do is just use the database to search backlinks by putting in the domain name of the competitor that you want to study.

3. Look for forum links that have considerable value :

In most cases, forum links are really not worth your effort. However, if you can find popular threads on big forums, then those threads can be a good source of effective backlinks. Since these threads rank well in Google, any professional SEO company would recommend its clients to work with them and improve the rankings of its pages greatly within a very short period of time.

4. Use guest posting for getting best links :

Guest posting is a highly effective way of creating smart content that can provide you with excellent backlinks for a site.

Following these methods above can help an SEO specialist to build better backlinks that would increase the number of visitors for a site within a short time. As a company offering state of the art digital marketing services in India, Media Fx has already evaluated the effectiveness of these strategies which makes them well suited for any kind of SEO planning.

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