4 Smart Hacks for Creating Useful Blog Post Ideas

4 Smart Hacks for Creating Useful Blog Post Ideas

Let’s face it! Blogs are everywhere, on almost every topic. Hence, the first struggle as a start-up venture or an established business aiming to enjoy a quality social prominence is this – “What is it that makes your blog useful to readers? How are you making a difference”? Undoubtedly, the main objective of your blog is to catch the attention of a certain section of readers, connect with influencers to expand your online business, get high ranks in the search engines, tweak the interest of online viewers and thereby inspire them to a call to action i.e. place an order, download the White Paper, subscribe to an emailing list and the like.

Having addressed all these aspects you need to launch into the correct attitude for blog creation! Media Fx, a reputed digital marketing company in India is here to guide you with a 4 fold path for useful and unique to ideate quality blogs.

The 4 Pointers to Great Blogs:

Your mind might be brimming with tons of information that you want to work out in your blogs! So before you get started here’s how to walk the 4 fold path of consistent and rich blog topics.

1.Address questions your readers might be having:

The number one rule of great blog ideas is to think of the customer or reader’s point of view. So than pushing down verbose content down the reader’s brain, take a pause and analyze are there any queries from your readers that you haven’t answered well. If yes, then aim to approach the same in a methodical manner. Once you have identified a question that you can demystify with rich blog content, approach the same adding the following:

  • A reader’s survey – The data you provide here will establish the validity of your topic. As your readers will know that this “blog topic” is a subject that other readers too want to know more on.
  • Share interviews, in-person meetings or emails – It is a good idea to share any query that came to you through an email or personal meeting and start the blog. This offers credibility right at the start!
  • Casual conversations – To add to the authenticity of the blog, feel free to add in any random conversations pertaining to the topic that you might have had with a reader or influencers.

2.Share useful and unique information that isn’t available to your market players:

This is where you can be a game changer for your brand! Data, useful research material, innovative perspectives, experiences, story sharing, creative narratives and the like – it can be one or a combination of all these! If you have it, it makes perfect sense that you share it in your blog, which will break the monotony of “plain reading” and help the reader strike a connection. And if you are aiming to achieve the same, you can have access to the data through:

  • Statistical and Quantitative research
  • Proprietary data that can be gathered from annual reports
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Comments and feedback shared on your social profiles

3.Select a trending topic for your blog:

For this, you need to stay updated on your industry news! What’s trending, what’s not should be at your fingertips. And if you plan your blog topic around this “hot and trending” topic, it guarantees better reach. For instance, if you are a service provider of online health supplements or planning to be one, such as the likes of SaralHealth or Netmeds, then it would be a smart call to take a look at the way the online healthcare industry is flourishing, take note of how people are choosing to follow a natural way of life and add to it by publishing great content on “benefits of natural health supplements” and also adding how your brand is here to make a difference. Talk about the wide range of products you have the ease of online ordering and delivery and also share customer feedbacks that give it more authenticity.

4.Plan your blog based on keyword research:

This is where you make it or break it! The idea is to know what are your readers searching for and how can you cover the same. To make optimal use of the Google AdWords and curate your blog punching in all the necessary keywords in an organic manner than a forced one.

This is how the right blogs can help you enhance your brand reach. Being one of the experienced digital marketing company in India, Media Fx is a witness to the success of this 4 fold path to great blog creation time and again! So if you’ve been waiting to come out with a unique blog to woo in more readers, these are the tenets to adhere.

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