5 SEO Mistakes Best SEO Company in Kolkata Suggests Bloggers to Avoid

If you take a look at the digital landscape today, you will see that blogging has taken center stage! Blogs play a great role in enhancing the SEO of a company. However, there are times when bloggers overlook some of the basics and commit a couple of faux passes which might cost dear. Want to know what are the basic SEO mistakes that bloggers usually make? The best SEO company in Kolkata can update you on that.

Here are the 5 crucial ones to take note of:

Indexing those pages that shouldn’t be

It is a known fact that certain pages shouldn’t be enabled in search indices as they don’t have much content or they could appear similar to many other pages. It is always better to peruse the indexed pages in Google making use of the site, query operator and search for the pages that shouldn’t be there. Post that disallows the same in the robots.txt file.

Not resorting to “optional excerpts” to reduce the duplicate content –

This might be known by many other names on various blog sites. However, in case of WordPress, the optional excerpt from the Write Post form is the place where you are able to define the alternate copy to showcase the same everywhere barring the permalink page. The content automatically becomes unique to permalink page that minimizes the chances of increased ranking for the duplicate content. As the post will get included in totality on various other pages, that comprises of the category as well as the archives-by-date pages as well.

Excess dependability on the date based archives –

Majority of the blogs manage their archives on a monthly basis instead of the keyword. This is not used as the anchor text of links is very vital to SEO and also that these date-oriented archives might possess terrible number dependant anchor text. Managing the blog then in separate categories is the best way. Also enabling the tag clouds and tagging all through the blog is a better SEO approach. This will enable you to switch from the date-based hierarchy.

Having a single RSS feed which isn’t optimized –

Every category of a blog needs to have its dedicated category, for people to get attracted who are mostly searching for only one topic and also to organize the category-specific feeds. The same is applicable where there are tag pages hosted in the blog post. The tag-specific fees are apt SEO and users. The optimized RSS feeds are actually the ones with “full text” and not summary feeds and have over 10 items, titles that are rich in keywords and also include your brand name and come with a noteworthy site description.

Having zero stability and consistency in keyword focus on the category pages – 

At the time of category selection owing to keyword research, then having category pages are essential and it can add to your advantage. However, to be able to really provide the category pages the best scope at getting their set of targeted keywords, it is essential for the pages to have stability and consistency in the keyword focus zone. However, in the majority of situations the keyword focus is scattered all across as the new posts get slotted in the category page and the old posts gradually go off. Making use of the “sticky” posts that stay right at the top of a category page irrespective of the time when it was initially published or posted, will enable the scope to integrate keyword-rich introductory copy inside the pages. For instance, the sticky posts on the “Social” category page of a certain web portal create the stage having a keyword-rich, significant and meaningful introduction to the posts that appear in that section.

Though there is more SEO faux pass that bloggers need to avert, these form the basic ones! If you are in the process of creating blog posts for your company and want to approach the same in an SEO friendly way, then joining hands with the best SEO Company in Kolkata will enable you to avoid the SEO mistakes, which automatically will add more meaning to your blog posts.

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