5 WordPress Plugins that Your SEO Can Benefit From

5 WordPress Plugins that Your SEO Can Benefit From

Perhaps you’re through with your company website and have arranged the pages exactly the way you want it! The graphics, texts and layout – all are arranged as per your choice. The navigation and link menus to are working fine and the colour scheme too works to add to the visual appeal of the website. And assuming that you opted in for WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System), you are all good since you happen to be new in the landscape of web design.

If you are partnering with any leading SEO company in India, they will advise you that creating a website in WordPress is much easy and there also exists many WordPress SEO Plugins that can assist in optimizing the website and keep it running effortlessly.

Here are some plugins that will benefit the SEO.

  • Yoast SEO:

One of the most downloaded and popular plugins, this offers a compact SEO solution. Using Yoast you can optimize WordPress website without any coding. There is not much know-how required on SEO as it is going to take you through many core elements such as meta descriptions, SEO titles and efficient keyword usage as well.  This also enables you to write categories, title tags and archives.

  • Google XML Sitemaps:

The basic step in order to be ranked to get indexed in Google! This is one of the objectives of a complete SEO strategy to ensure that search engine is able to index the website so it is aware what your website is all about. The process is aided by adding in Google XML sitemap to the website. This sitemap can be generated naturally the moment a new content gets generated and keeping the updated website available to the search engines.

  • Rel NoFollow Checkbox:

In terms of linking, a couple of links works best in SEO and other don’t. And no one wants a few of their “link juice” to feature in a low-quality site. In order to avert this from taking place, you can make use of “nofollow”. The popular Rel NoFollow Checkbox plugin works by adding a checkbox to the WordPress post editor where you will be able to key-in the external links that you decide to “nofollow”.

  • Google Analytics by MonsterInsights:

This popular WordPress plugin needs some know-how of the Google Analytics to properly have an understanding of the significance of the reports. The Google Analytics WordPress plugin by MonsterInsights can embed a tracking code inside the page of your website that will send the information to evaluate outbound as well as internal link tracking, website user demographics and much more.

  • LinkPatrol:

A compact web optimization strategy is incomplete when link building is left out! Links add an element of trustworthiness, authority and authenticity to your website. However, not every link is generated equally. And linking to low-quality sites can hamper the credibility of your website. Most SEO company in India today use LinkPatrol WordPress to manage the links on certain websites better.

These are some of the WordPress plugins that will help you boost your SEO and in turn enjoy better online presence.

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