Creating a Landing Page? Know the Crucial Check-Points According to Professional SEO Companies

Creating a Landing Page? Know the Crucial Check-Points According to Professional SEO Companies

The landing page is vital. It represents your brand. That means you once an online visitors reach your landing page from an ad, he/she needs to like what they see. This also means it is important to add the keywords and important phrases that are used in the ad. That aside, there are other aspects to manage as well. From color schemes to the placement of the content and management of white spaces – you need to look into it all. Like the business owner, it’s essential that even you want to rank well in Google.

To do that, you consider following the best landing page check-points that most leading professional SEO company in India suggest. Discussed below are the important ones:

A compact, properly outlined business model:

Let’s say a Google editor decides to analyze your business site manually. You need to make sure that the editor can understand your core business within less than 20 seconds. What product/service are you selling? How are you making money? Do you have a fixed course or program? All these details should be derived easily by the editor in a hassle-free manner. The editor also should be confident that your business website is not engaged in sending spam emails. Therefore, it’s crucial that the landing page showcases all the possible results when a person visits and browse through the page. It should be able to generate a communication.

Real testimonials and customer feedbacks:

Word of mouth publicity is an efficient way to spread the brand message across! And customer testimonials cater to this purpose excellently. And you have complete independence to leverage customer testimonials on your website’s landing page. If the results they highlight are not general, then Google would suggest that you mark your customer testimonials with an asterisk and also generate an appropriate disclaimer. When you are hosting a genuine e-commerce website, you can go ahead and sign up with Google Trusted Stores and highlight the trust badges on your brand ads and the web pages.

Practical claims:

If you have an amazing record of your brand performance and you have also gained accolades, appreciation, awards or received positive reviews, you have the option of supporting it with authentic third-party data. However, it’s advised to avoid making any kind of medical, health or money claims. Google usually bans the websites that make non-verifiable claims and promises. So keep a strict check on this point!

Authentic values:

The moment a prospective customer lands on your Landing Page, you need to know that they are finding reasons to trust you! So before you ask them to select your product, service or program it is necessary to convince them by the power of educational and value-added content. You can present navigation back to the main site if and when they want to read and know more. Both Google and an online viewer want to make sure that opting for your brand would translate to value for money and time, that he/she is planning to invest. So value addition is supreme here.

A seamless web design:

The first impression is indeed the last impression – you won’t have a second chance to win back your audience, with an extremely overwhelming or bland web design. Anything that appears over the top to the eyes, in terms of web design will reduce the scopes of an online viewer browsing your website. Furthermore, the website and landing page content arrangement and overall design should be easy to navigate. Remember, that your prospective customer is viewing your website and Landing Page for the first time. They don’t want to spend excess time trying to find out the way to operate your site. Any professional SEO company would advise you so.

Provide contact details:

Though it’s not a compulsion, Google will be very happy if you add in the physical address along with contact number and email address. This data is used to generate trust amidst the prospects and let them know that you are here to do honest and transparent business.

Other than that you can search for the top 4 digital marketing strategies to follow. By keeping these important aspects in mind, you can generate a Landing Page that will make both Google and your target customers happy. This will help your site gain better online visibility.

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