What is the difference between HTTP & HTTPS?

difference between HTTP & HTTPS

HTTP and HTTPS are two different types of protocols that are often used in the fields of web browsing and digital marketing services. Many people get confused when they find two different types of URLs for the websites that they visit. There is a significant difference between these two different protocols. HTTP is a term that stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. Used for the purpose of networking, it serves as a system that is used for receiving and transmitting information across the server and a client browser. A server is a machine where the website code is based. HTTP effectively manages the mutual communication between the server and a client browser to exchange data or information successfully. While the first HTTP only made use of one method known as GET that would put a request for a page from the server and get the response as a HTML page, the latest HTTP version makes use of nine request methods.

In most cases, when you choose to visit a website, you can find that the web address begins with the prefix of HTTP://. This indicates that the browser is presently connected with the server through the HTTP protocol. However, it is to be kept in mind that the HTTP is not the best and safest way to create a connection. This is so because HTTP is quite vulnerable to hackers or cyber criminals who can penetrate through it and directly oversee the activities of the people browsing through a website. It is exactly here that the HTTPS protocol comes in that provides people with the security that they look for carrying out their online activities. The better security features of HTTPS protocol is the reason why most SEO services experts recommends using it for social media and ecommerce websites that have higher security requirements.

The HTTPS protocol or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is made by combining 2 different protocols which offers a more secure method to access and browse the web. It is made by combining HTTP with SSL/TLS protocol. The SSL/TLS protocol ensures that everything that is shared over the HTTPS protocol is going to be delivered in an encrypted form which enhances its security. Since the communication is completely encrypted, people from outside are not going to know what data or information is being shared between the server and the client. This naturally presents a more secure platform for sending a request from the client to the server. Some of the websites that regularly use HTTPS protocol include banking websites, email clients, ecommerce sites, payment gateways as well as corporate sector websites.

In order to create an HTTPS connection, a public key with a signed certificate is needed for the server. The certificate may either come free of cost or may be priced at few dollars, depending on signing authority. The certificate may be distributed in yet another way. The site admin can create the certificate and load it in the client browser of the users. When a user requests for information to web server, the identity of the user can be easily verified. Such factors make HTTPS one of the most widely used protocols by companies offering SEO services in Kolkata.

With an HTTPS connection, the SSL certificate contains the code that is required by the client for deciphering the message hidden within the encrypted site. Through this method, the information that is contained therein cannot be read by an external agency or a hacker that gets into such sites looking for valuable data. It is due to this reason that HTTPS protocol is extensively used for sites that have enhanced security requirements.

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