Factors That Affect SEO In 2018

Factors That Affect SEO In 2018

If you own a website and blog and you are having trouble getting organic traffic, then bad SEO is the most common reason behind it. In this competitive world where there everyone is fighting for the top position on the internet, to achieve high ranking on search engines becomes a very difficult task. Not everyone can manage to secure high rankings, especially in the Indian market, which is why many SEO companies in India provide SEO services for both new and well-established businesses.

Various search engine factors help a blog/website to grow fast on the internet.

Do not Violate Google’s Quality Guidelines:

We all know that violating Google’s quality guidelines can be harmful to your blog or website. In 2018 you cannot fool Google with the fake backlinks, hidden texts and doorway pages.  Google has very strong power and algorithm to detect spams, and that is why you should make sure that your website is not sending any spam signals even by mistake.

Many websites raise span signals without any knowledge. There are various tools available to catch the spam signals in your website and blog. Keyword stuffing and Sammy Backlinks are the most common spamming mistakes made by a new blogger. In case you want to go through the complete Google quality check and ensure that you are not violating any of the Google guidelines, you can go for any of digital marketing company in India.

User Experience Signals:

The central theme of Google search always has been the user experience. Google wants to keep its platform as user-friendly as possible. One of the best SEO Company in India says user experience signals will be an essential factor in the upcoming years.

The user experience factors you should follow in 2018 are — Bounce rate, mobile-friendly web design, content readability, broken links and website speed.

Rank Brain:

In the fall of 2015, Google confirmed that Rank Brain is a significant factor in the ranking of the algorithm. It is mainly about an artificial intelligence system.

Rank Brain is mainly used to interpret the searches that people submit to find pages that might not have exact word that was searched for. If you ever notice then you will find whenever you search for full sleeves t-shirt Google result will also show you hoodies, this is because when you searched for the full sleeve t-shirt, Google thought you might also need a hoodie.  Now, boosting Rank Brain is not easy at all and that is why professional SEO companies are available in the market to provide high-quality services.


The content was the king, and it will keep ruling in 2018 as well. Nothing is more important than having professional content on the website and blog.

Keyword and topics are an essential part of the game of providing good content. AMP and structure data are also critical. The rapid growth of YouTube has boosted video marketing, and now nothing is more engaging than a video.  If you are not able to create satisfactory content for your audience, then hire a professional, but never compromise with the quality of your content. There are digital marketing companies in India that provide professional content at reasonable rates.

Influencer Outreach:

Focusing on influencer outreach is very important. This could also be used for the link building. Backlinks will also remain as a significant ranking factor in the excellent ranking of websites.

It has the highest co-relation with ranking more than any other factor. However, here is the catch, having thousands of backlinks can be less effective than having hundreds of backlinks sometimes. The thing you need to understand is that the quality of the backlinks matters instead of their quantity. Now, for example, suppose if you have a backlink of a website that has very good Alexa number and another side you are having four or five backlinks of websites having low Alexa rank, then the value of the backlink in the first case is more than the second case.

Being well-experienced and reliable service providers in digital marketing services in India, most digital marketing service companies like Media Fx always aim to provide hundred percent customer satisfaction in every aspect.

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