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Language Translator

Google has been working for quite some time to improve the efficiency of its translation service and now there have come up with an advancement that will help computers to skillfully interpret complete sentences with higher accuracy. The all new advanced Google translation service is going to be more fluent than ever which is certainly going to appeal to its millions of users all around the world. Although the Google translation service advancement sounds rather simple, it actually took many years of engineering by the experts to finally pull it off. For the longest time, Google’s technology analyzed the phrases in separate pieces and then came up with stilted translation results. Such advancement of technology is certainly going to help companies like Media Fx that are known for offering expert SEO services to their clients.

As the machines used by Google can now interpret entire sentences, it would be a lot easier to translate extended, long passages of text with greater accuracy. In fact, the translations should now read and sound like what a native speaker or user of the language is used to. This technology which is now termed as “neural machine translation,” has features that are similar to those that Google has been including in its Photos application for the last few years for identifying objects and people in pictures stored within it. Google has described the neural machine tool as their biggest achievement for their translation service over the last decade. Such efforts have been particularly lauded by the companies offering best SEO services.

Mike Gualtieri, a reputed Forrester Research analyst also believes that this new method adapted by Google to improve its translation service is really a major breakthrough, even though he expects translation service advancement to make some crucial mistakes during its early stages, just like the Photos service which misidentified some items when it rolled out initially. From the onset, this new technology can start translate words and phrases to and from English as well as eight other languages, namely German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. These languages together cover nearly one-third of all translation requests received by Google on a regular basis.

On an average, Google Translate service is believed to translate around 140 billion words on a daily basis for more than 500 million users around the world. Google, now a part of the parent company Alphabet Inc., eventually aims on applying the new neural machine technology to all the 103 languages in the official translation service. Industry insiders as well as companies offering expert SEO services have widely praised this move as it is going to open a lot of doors for further expansion of the SEO market.

Companies looking to augment their online position by using best SEO services offered by Media Fx will now have greater flexibility to create effective content once this new Google translation advancement rolls out. While still in its early days, it is expected to produce the desired results within a very short time.

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