Google Testing a New Content Platform

Testing a New Content Platform

Google has been recently carrying out tests for a brand new content platform known as “Posts with Google,” which can have a strong impact on both paid as well as organic brand searches. For a long time, Google has been struggling to build an apt social networking platform of its own. While Google Buzz failed to make the impact that it was supposed to create, the same can be said about Google Plus since it lags way behind other major social networking portals. While the new platform that is currently being tested by Google does include some elements of social networking, it is still highly unique in its own way and quite different from standard social networking sites. This has also led SEO companies to wonder about the ways this new platform is going to influence the trends of content management and search engine optimization. As a top SEO company in India, Media Fx has reflected on some of the ways it can impact SEO practices in India and the rest of the world.

Millions of people carry out searches for finding different types of information on Google on a daily basis about different types of queries. Many of these searches are regarding prominent organizations and individuals. On the official website for their new platform, Google has stated that they are currently experimenting with a unique and new method that will enable users to get direct feedback from select entities that they are searching for.

Verified organizations and individuals can communicate now directly by using texts, videos and images on Google. This is going to make content creation simple and fast. Moreover, once any content is published, the posts are going to appear in the search results that are related to the specific publisher. The posts can also be easily shared on various popular social networking sites. Such features can be easily used by a professional SEO company to promote a particular company or individual.

Therefore it seems that the main of this new platform is to present real-time updates from organizations and individuals when someone carries out direct brand searches. It also complements the results of Google’s Knowledge Graph that is known for providing quick information for various entities. For quite some time, Google has been already performing the real-time update for official Twitter profiles by having their tweet feed appear as search results for different entities.

While this platform is still at its experimental stage and at present it accepts posts by “invite only”, major SEO companies are of the opinion that it is going to make a strong impact if Google makes it available for more brands and individuals. It is due to this reason that every professional SEO company worth their salt are now looking forward as to Google’s decisions regarding this new platform.

The content presented at the Google Posts is going to be very prominent and will include images, videos and links. Such results can easily drive clicks from organic results as well as paid ads. The links present within the posts can direct the users to the official website of the brand. This can save expenses associated with paid search. The platform also allows users to post real-time updates like sales and promotions; this is certainly going to increase the conversion rates for a site.

Considering the benefits that this new platform can provide, it can be said that Google Posts will play a crucial role in terms for SEO in days to come. This has naturally got numerous businesses speculate about the SEO methods that are going to be used in connection with it. A top SEO company in India like Media Fx can help customers to use this platform to their advantage and promote their businesses in the best possible way.

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