Growth of Digital Marketing in India

Growth of Digital Marketing in India

Today digital marketing has gained immense prominence in India. Till about 2010, success rate of online marketing in India was minimal and many companies didn’t buy into this idea as well. They kept on going with their traditional marketing tactics. However, gradually there was a new wave of thinking that impacted companies to opt-in innovative thinking and say yes to advance digital marketing services in India, which in turn saw the emergence of several digital marketing service providers helping established companies as well as start-ups reach where they want to and make the profits they’ve been dreaming about.

Online marketing is part of a company’s mainstream marketing initiatives today! This transformation is giving rise to innovative digital marketing initiatives in India. Today, the whole world is becoming a virtual web. Most companies are in India and round the globe is said to have established their online presence that will generate several career scopes by 2020. This is an expanding field and the technology is growing every day making it easy for people who want to pursue a career in this field to look forward to some of the interesting job opportunities. Digital marketing helps companies to opt-in for greater revenue within a limited budget, by following the best online marketing strategy. The best of online marketing is that companies can get started with a very less or practically no investment at all. This translates to the optimum use of your capital with the promise of great returns.

Going by an analysis of Siliconrepublic, the online market community will grow about 10 times faster than traditional marketing economy. The companies that are into online trading will expand and create better working scopes. For instance, if you are a writer, then you can opt in for content marketing. For candidates having an interest inanalytics can pursue the field of web analytics.

Growth of online marketing in India:

India is a prominent and expanding economy round the globe! Online marketing contributes to a significant part of the economic development in this country, whether it’s through content marketing, design, product or information. Since Indian happens to be in a leading position in the online trends, this means that in the days to come there’s immense scope of digital marketing in India. Going by a survey made by an Educational journal, only about 16% of the Indian population has been using the internet in 2013 which had expanded to 31% in 2014. And the percentage has increased exponentially until now.

Career scopes of online marketing in India:

Presently, the world is becoming all online and hence the scope of online marketing services in India is expanding at a faster pace. Also online marketing is generating a great impact in the entire world of advertising and marketing along with some of the great features like flexibility, cost-effectiveness, convenience and many more. And since, the number of start-ups has increased in the recent times, online marketing is the most sorted for marketing type.

Also if you have been planning to pursue a career in the segment of digital marketing services in India, some of the career profiles that you can opt-in for include the following:

  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • SEO Executive
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Expert
  • Content Writers
  • Search Engine Marketer
  • Web analytics Executive
  • Copywriters
  • Email Marketer

Based on all the latest researches and surveys, from sources such as Livemint and the like, it was estimated that by 2017 the internet user base in India would have expanded to 600 million that will generate a great business scope to sell products and services to an expanding population of online users. Furthermore, the expanding presence of online Indian campaign is also adding various scopes of future online marketing in India. Today in India there’s a trend of conversion-based marketing. Majority of the online marketing tactics can also evaluate through the potent online marketing tools such as Google Website Optimizer, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics and many more. Here it is also essential to know the important PPC targeting tactics.

All these have collectively creating scope for the growth of digital marketing services in India for companies to enhance their online dominance and for individuals to select the best career path for themselves.

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