Important Check-Points for Landing Page

Important Check-Points for Landing Page

Your landing page is the face of your brand! Which means it is going to do great when it seems to be a seamless progression from the ad that you placed. So here it’s essential to incorporate the phrases and keywords used in the ad. And also you ought to take into considerations the promises you made, the colour schemes you chose for the ad and many other aspects. However, Google is the place where your website would show as a search result. So according to any ace and best professional SEO company in India, here are few essential check-points that will help you create the landing page, that would keep up with Google prerequisites.

  • A well-defined business model:

When a Google editor reviews your business site manually, then it is important that the editor should be able to guess your core business is 20 second or less. How are you generating cash? Is there a product, service or a course or program that you are selling? All these information should be easy to derive. The editor needs to be sure that you wouldn’t be sending emails that will be considered as spam. Hence, it is essential that your Landing Page highlight the probable outcomes when an online visitor decides to visit your page and start a communication.

  • Authentic testimonials:

Word of mouth is one of the effective ways to get your brand message across! And testimonials serve this purpose very well. And you have full independence to make use of testimonials on your landing page. If the outcomes they showcase are not generic, then Google would probably prefer it that you marl your testimonials with an asterisk and also produce an apt disclaimer. If you are hosting an authentic e-commerce website, you have the option of signing up with Google Trusted Stores and showcase the trust badges on your brand ads as well as pages.

  • Feasible claims:

If you have a stupendous history of your performance and you have also won accolades, appreciation, awards or received powerful reviews you have the option of assisting it with provable third-party information. However, it’s best to avert making any kind of medical, health or money claims. It has been observed that Google usually bands those websites that make non-verifiable claims and promises. So keep a tight check on this one!

  • Well defined values:

The moment a prospect initially lands on your Landing Page, you should know that are yet to know and trust you! Hence, prior to asking them to choose your product, service or program, it is essential to have them convinced by the power of informative and value-added content. You can offer navigation back to the main site if and when they want to read and know more. Both Google and a random prospect or online viewer want to certain that saying yes to your brand would mean getting value out of the money and time that he/she would be investing. So value addition from the client’s point of view is something you should keep in mind.

  • Easy and effortless web design:

As they say that the first impression is the last impression – you won’t get a second chance to win back your audience, with an extremely overwhelming or bland web design. Anything that looks over the top of the eyes, in terms of web design will lower the chances of an online viewer viewing your website. That aside, the website and landing page content placement and the overall design needs to be easy to navigate. Remember, that your prospect is viewing your website and Landing Page for the first time. He/She doesn’t want to spend much time figuring out how to operate the site. It should come with a feeling, “This is what I was looking for” to the prospect when they chance upon your Landing Page. Any professional SEO company in India would advise you so.

  • Offer contact details:

Though it’s not an obligation, you are going to keep Google happy if you add in the physical address along with contact number and email address. This data helps to generate trust amidst the prospects and let them know that you are here to do authentic and transparent business.

When you have these few aspects in mind, you can go ahead and create a Landing Page that will both tick with your audience and Google.

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