Know the Important PPC Targeting Tactics


PPC, which is Pay-per-click is also called paid search. It has graduated to a whole new level today. The initial action where a user searches and comes across a significant and is still functional.  However, the ways of targeting today have become much more new age than ever. However, there are two crucial targeting methods that any best PPC company in India would swear by, that has been discussed here.

An important point that you must adhere to is addressing the user intent. This means, making the ads in a way that it shows up to what the user has been searching for. This kind of targeting is separate from one that of the billboard on road. Every person has a look at the billboard even when the message is not significant.

Keyword Targeting:

Keyword targeting is one of the principal aspects of PPC advertising.  It is the advertisers who bid on the keywords and when the search query matches the keyword, the ad gets highlighted. You have 4 core keyword match types that are used by the advertisers. They are:

  • Exact match – here the query needs to match exactly to the keyword
  • Modified broad match – here the query should have certain terms allocated with one plus sign. The query order doesn’t matter.
  • Phrase match – The query should be in a certain order and it will also highlight additional terms before and after
  • Broad match – The query can also match a part or all aspects of the keywords and might also lead to trigger variants

Audience Targeting:

In addition to keyword targeting, Google also has displayed its ads on the Display Network. This network has over and above 1000 of websites, for instance, the TV Guide and The New York Times as well. The Advertisers can also show several ad formats right across these websites that comprises of:

  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Text ads
  • Rich media ads

In addition to that, Audience Targeting has been applicable to several platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The concept that such kind of targeting is done in done to make the users see the significant ads is based on many factors for instance:

  • Age
  • Contextual keywords
  • Behaviours
  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Profession
  • Topics
  • Interests

Furthermore, Audience Targeting is also an excellent option where the search demand is low! Rather than concentrating on the keywords, the advertisers are able to target the significant audiences. For instance, a company might offer services for corporate space designing. Hence, this company should target the business decision makers that are available in office buildings. The scopes are unlimited when it comes to audience targeting.

Every best PPC company in India suggests that when deploying a PPC campaign, it is essential to keep in mind that the user intent is the crucial aspect that one needs to consider. In terms of the keywords, ensure that the procedure from the search query and right to the landing page is well synchronized across the overall process. And when you are advertising to the audience, utilize the targeting tactics available to reach users who are interested in your service/product even when they aren’t searching for you.

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