The invention of the printing press was one of the most important events in human history.

Print Media

Regardless of company being a start up or an established brand, a successful print media campaign in terms of print ads, brochure and other correspondents is essential. At Media Fx, we help you with creative print advertising design that will help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Every business wants to retain its existing customers and attract potential ones. Quality print media campaigns help you attain your business objectives in a seamless manner. In Media Fx, we follow a set of best practices to help you attain the best print media correspondents. They are:

• A clear message : Designing print ads, flyers and brochures needs to revolve around a central idea. This is to build up the primary focus of the ad else the viewer might not get the message. At Media Fx, our creative experts brainstorm over the client brief and formulate a clear message.

• Choosing the correct colour scheme : A print ad is a visual medium and needs to be presented well. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the colour scheme efficiently so that it complements the central message of the print ad. A well thought out colour scheme will make your print ad draw maximum attention.

• Making use of print-friendly images : It is essential to understand that print correspondents would get printed. At Media Fx we ensure that all the images and designs are print-ready and have a DPI of 300 at least.

• Associate with the target audience : It is crucial to ensure that your print ad relates effectively to your target audience that you are trying to reach, thereby generating a positive reaction from their end. Here the ad needs to be placed in appropriate locations to garner maximum attention and response.

Furthermore, in Media Fx we incorporate a call to action to our print campaigns thereby encouraging the audience to respond in a proactive manner.

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