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Search Engine Marketing

SEM, known as Search Engine Marketing refers to the effective and smart use of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others to reach your buyers directly. This is separate from Search Engine Advertising where the marketers are required to pay in order to have ads pop up in the search engines every time an online viewer keys in a certain combination of phrases or words. At Media Fx, we know that SEM can often resort to SEO(search engine optimization) that makes use of web content in order to attain high ranks in the search engine page results or use the PPC(Pay Per Click) listings. In the recent times, we have seen that the most prominent advertising channel is Google Adwords.

Simply put, Google Adwords refers to the bidding that takes place based on phrases and keywords. It is impacted by the percentage of money a certain brand intends to shell out for every one that clicks on the advertisement in addition to the Click Through Rates. In Media Fx, we offer you a set of benefits for search engine marketing through the paid advertisements. The two crucial ones are:

1. It maximizes your customer database by attaining more online customers that visit your website. The maximized online visibility offered by the PPC campaigns guarantees that you are accessible to the customers that are very interested in your specialized domain.

2. Efficient landing page optimization leverages the selling scopes that the paid advertisement brings with it. With increased online traffic the landing pages are going to function as receptacles

The major benefit of SEM is that it does not depend on interruption unlike the other types of advertising. At Media Fx, we provide you with two kinds of paid advertising, i.e. Facebook Advertisement and Google Adwords.

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