SEO Strategies and Company Size

Regardless of what the nature of business your start-up specializes in, when you start considering SEO there are multiple views that you will come across and not all are going to be true or functional for you! So you have to pluck and preen these views and keep the ones that are best suited for your company. However, one question that even the best SEO company in India has mulled on is the SEO strategy and its relation to the company size. However, there’s no one size that fits it all and it depends on the type of company you are operating.

Small Businesses:

This would basically comprise of the local businesses and the start-ups that have been gaining popularity in town! Usually, the budgets are tight and the majority of the time, these companies decide to take on online marketing and SEO by themselves. Rather than focusing on online marketing strategy as well as a thin budget, these companies should decide to concentrate on one or two aspects and this will add value to their business. So they can focus on experimenting with Google Adwords, invest in a reasonable package for local SEO, get into online branding and public relations and also consider mobile optimization.

Medium Sized Businesses:

Budget at times continues to be a problem with the medium-sized companies as well. Usually, these companies will have more elaborate and big websites where technical SEO gains prominence. A compact SEO audit is a good start to get into a full-fledged SEO strategy. That aside, these companies can also focus on social media marketing, online public relations and also a long-term content strategy. These companies should invest in one specialized internet marketer who is able to manage social media messaging, editorial calendars and also govern the deployment of the SEO strategies in an organized manner.

Large Businesses:

When you have graduated to becoming a large business house then chances are you will be able to fund the entire SEO campaign. Usually, the large companies are categorized as B2C and B2B. The SEO strategies that you can implement should comprise of content marketing as well as technical SEO. And one crucial aspect here is to share the content in social media as well. Big companies that carry on business with customers usually have a good budget to fund their SEO strategies. Hence, they have the chance to concentrate on the entire SEO spectrum than just focusing on a chosen few aspects. Other than investing in internet marketing strategies, these companies can also get added consumers and spend on the brand online PR, social media reputation and interactions with the client via the management of the social posts, come up with unique blog posts and even refresh the web page content and the landing page content of their products and services. These companies can also source their work from various internet marketing agencies as well and select to work with the ones that ensure a good result.

Brands that are the best SEO company in India often suggest deciding on the SEO strategy based on your available resources, objectives and the risks that you want to take and the SEO experiments that you want to make.


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