Smart Ways to Use Facebook for Your Online Business

Smart Ways to Use Facebook for Your Online Business

Facebook today is a leading name amongst the social media websites, where friends and other people connect online. Other than just being a place where interested people connect, Facebook has developed into a place where brands carry on with their online business strategies, via self-promotion and also customer interaction.

Here are the best suggestions that any professional SEO company would offer on the best and apt ways to use Facebook for business.

Leverage your Facebook business page:

Your Facebook page is the best free marketing channel you have! Here there are pages that allow businesses to recognize their brand power, not merely through getting their products and services list, but also by sharing appropriate images, posts and links on a personalized page to highlight a better business character and corporate image.  However, it is important to assess what your target audience wants to see in terms of posts. You can share all your other social media pictures, videos, links and any other thing that you feel is pertinent to your business that you feel your target audience would love to know.

The classic ads, i.e. Facebook advertising:

Facebook provides its own type of advertising through Facebook ads, that you can locate on the side columns in Facebook.  These ads are usually termed as Marketplace Ads. It usually includes a headline with an image, a copy as well as click-through link to a Facebook app or a Facebook page or on any external website. The primary features of Facebook advertising comprise:

  • The capacity to create ad budgets
  • Demographic targeting using Facebook user data on location, age, interests and education
  • In-built ad performance measurement metrics
  • Ad testing, that in several ad versions has the chance to run simultaneously to run a comparison between ad set up and the design

Facebook promoted posts:

The Facebook promoted posts allow the Facebook page owners to shell out a flat rate that would allow them to have their individual posts go up to a chosen count of users, maximizing specific post impressions.  So if you have been mulling on how to use Facebook to increase your brand visibility, brand recall and web traffic at the same time, you can opt-in for this arrangement and have your posts promoted by Facebook.

The sponsored Facebook stories:

The sponsored stories in Facebook are a certain type of Facebook ad that highlights a user’s interaction, for instance as a simple Facebook like, to the friend of the user.  The sponsored stories usually aim to make the most of “word of mouth” publicity tactic. If a user gets to view that three of his/her friends have liked a chosen page, then he/she is inclined to like the page and pay attention to it. The primary objective of the sponsored stories is to influence the user take action. Furthermore, it is in the hand of the advertisers to show the “likes” of their friends if they want to draw in more people to the page. This is one way to get better social media visibility and make a random viewer into a diligent brand follower.

Facebook open graph:

This is yet another interesting way to use this social media platform. Facebook Open Graph labels a certain person’s action using the app. There are billions of interactions that get posted on Facebook Open Graph each day.

In addition to that, businesses have the chance to develop third-party apps that can connect a certain user and also place a notice on Facebook, whenever a user takes a certain action using the app. The open graph also enables creative perceptive options outside the usual “like” as well as “comment”. The posts enable the users to listen and also read. Here businesses can completely decide on the ways to be creative.

However, online whenever an app or site prompts the users to sign into Facebook, there’s something that can have the user connected to Facebook Open Graph. One of the best examples is Spotify that establishes how Facebook Open Graph had become a potent marketing tool.

These are some of the best uses of Facebook according to leading professional SEO companies to opt-in for!

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