Three WordPress SEO Trends Professional SEO Companies Want You to Know

Three WordPress SEO Trends Professional SEO Companies Want You to Know

Change is the only constant! We all are aware of this old saying. And this is apt for SEO. With every update in Google and other search engines, a majority of the online marketers and website owners start to update their online marketing and business strategies. WordPress is one of the popular CMS used by individuals and corporate alike. Hence, if you have decided to use this CMS in 2018, it makes sense that you anticipate and be prepared for the changes that you can expect in WordPress in 2018.

Sometime back, the chances of having a mobile responsive page were on the buzz. Recently, Google and many other search engines have made website mobile friendliness an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. This is where companies and independent business owners start to anticipate the changes that are likely to emerge. According to many professional SEO companies discussed below are three WordPress SEO changes that companies should be prepared for.

You need to opt-in for the advanced SERP features:

Earlier the search page pages in Google used to be website listings in addition to the PPC ads. Today, there’s more you can expect. From the knowledge graph to the featured columns, where your website might appear online has maximized in space. This is very important. It’s because the advanced SERP features are visible in addition to the online search outcomes. This is the reason why this has been called “Position O”.  This does not imply that Google is going to take it back.

Therefore, the ideal ways to go forward is by opting in for the following techniques:

1. Use links, graphs and tablets: This kind of content has a chance to emerge for other types of the search outcome.

2. Implement structured data and rich snippets: This shows that adding-in a markup that suggests Google the important parts of your website content.

3. Create your Q & A content: Majority of the times Google has taken up results that include a question asked in the answer box in addition to the solution. It is important to add these two in your content.

Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages:

AMP is one of the best projects that Google has. It is meant to provide search results to the users at a fast speed. And it works efficiently. There are several online users who are looking for search results that are identified as AMP on their Smartphone devices. Today, AMP has been prevalent in over 900,000 domains. It also powers more than 2 billion pages. This might not be an official rank indicator. But it sure does help to generate web traffic and also maximize the SEO ranks. In addition to that, there’s a scope of this being linked with Google and many other search engine’s ranking algorithms in future.

Are you thinking how to plan for it? The ideal way is to sign up for the new AMP plug-ins for WordPress. Also if there’s any other similar plug-in or solution that you can install in your business! You may also keep a tab on the new age developments that might take place and align your SEO strategy.

It’s essential for you to focus on a visual content strategy:

An image has its appeal. And when coupled with words it helps in generating most attention. So if you want to make the most of WordPress SEO, then it is essential that you start managing your visual content effectively. When you manage your visual content well, this helps to enhance both the site rankings and also the organic traffic. Based on the recent studies and reports, it has been suggested that by 2021 the video content will be responsible for generating as much as 80% of the web traffic. In the recent times, YouTube has the place for the second largest search engine internationally. The video content on YouTube is available in Google search results as well. Furthermore, improving visual search today is a core objective with the search engines as well.

According, to any best SEO company in India these are the three WordPress SEO trends that you need to stay updated on if you are using WordPress as your CMS for 2018. In addition to that, you can also research tips for an SEO company in India would offer to deal with negative SEO.

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