Tips a SEO Company in India would Offer to deal with Negative SEO

Tips a SEO Company in India would Offer to deal with Negative SEO

Have you been managing the SEO and online marketing domain? If yes, then negative SEO is something that you sure are aware or heard of. Simply put, negative SEO pulls down your website with its series of backlink spamming and dangerous backlink. Negative SEO is a way to plan black-hat SEO procedures on another website. This is either done by a malicious competitor or cyber criminal to malign a website and rob away the profits.

Recently, online marketers and SEO specialists have been delving into ways to solve this SEO issue. Companies providing SEO services in India suggest the following ways to manage and solve issues relating to negative SEO.

Carry out link audits daily:

If you’re conducting daily link audits, then you’re saying yes to a robust business practice. It will keep you secure from becoming a prey to any Negative SEO. Monitoring link profile growth is the best way to identify any uncertain activity and address it right at the beginning, even before the issue magnifies. Daily audits will highlight if your website has been hacked. When your website is hacked, the links will be impacted in a negative way. Therefore, invest in an advanced link auditing software today, to keep a constant check on your backlink health.

Evaluate the speed of your website:

Your website speed decides your high ranks! Is your website speed gradually declining or there are downtime issues? If yes, then it’s better to opt in for a crawling software to analyze for any doubtful activities. In case there are no issues and the speed problem persists, it could well be a possibility that you’ve fallen prey to forceful crawling that has resulted in excess server load. This will make your site crash eventually. In either case, it’s always a smart call to get in touch with a hosting company to detect the source of this load.

Keep an eye for scraped content:

Content marketing is important for any online business! However, not everyone has the skill to curate creative and interesting content. Hence, today scrapping has become common. Scrapping takes place when your site content is taken and copied directly to other websites. Google searches have detected many such websites. Generally, the attackers claim the copied content as their own.  Furthermore, they also blend it with a link attack that will spam your site. So before scrapping can cause your site and business any harm, keep a check on it!

Manage Google My Business:

Brand reputation is essential for the brand! And when you work hard to gain customers and their goodwill, any negative review is bound to disappoint you. How can you manage the negative reviews coming your way? If there are no PR faux passes from your end and you still find negative reviews, then it’s a telling sign that someone is cramming up your website with bad reviews and all are false. A prompt response is essential here. Manage Google My Business listings and make use of the social media listing software to get a check on your online reputation to address this issue.

Run a check on keywords CTR:

There might be situations when your website might receive several hits and then suddenly bounce off. This will have an unfavorable impact on your site rankings. If you resonate with this, chances are that someone has created a bot to aim at selected keywords; on the competitor website and then bounce back that automatically creates a false SERP bounce rate. This will continue to happen when you don’t keep a check on keyword’s CTR. Simply log into Google Search and click on Search Traffic > Search Analytics and have a look at the CTR across all keywords. If you find a huge spike for no logical reason, get in touch with Google and start denying the false links.

If you are lucky and observant then you might be able to notice hazardous SEO attacks before they harm your sire. Want to stay clear of any negative SEO? If yes, then simply follow these above-discussed tactics that are suggested by companies specializing in SEO and digital marketing services in India. Other than keeping your website safe you will also be able to gain better online visibility. Other than that you can search for the top 4 digital marketing strategies to follow.

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