The Top 3 Trends in Content Marketing in 2018

Top 3 Trends in Content Marketing in 2018

When you have a look at the online world, you know that content is the king and to have it marketed the right way is indeed a challenge. However, with an excess of content being generated on a daily basis, it is essential to focus on some of the core content marketing trends that are going to emerge in the forthcoming days. The existing trends won’t be the same in the next year. So here are the important 3 trends that have been conjectured by ace companies specializing in advanced digital marketing services in India.

1. Altering formats indicate that content roles too are changing:

Recently, there has been a huge shift in the way content is being generated. The companies that have been enjoying huge success in content marketing are not simply giving bulk content to their customers. The approach they have resorted to is the media publishing one. This means employing a team of several writers isn’t what it is all about. Your brand should be interested in developing a broad strategy as well. There are several talent groups along with skill groups that are needed to cater to the audience pulse. This process is as essential as generating content itself. So merely hiring writers won’t suffice anymore!

On the other hand, blogging alone doesn’t align with all marketing strategies of progressive companies as it can’t address completely all the aspects and issues pertaining to the new consumption formats. Hence, your content team will have to expand and also adapt for the days to come and must also comprise of people who are experienced in:

  • Audio editing and production skills
  • Video editing and production
  • Content optimization across various formats
  • Graphic illustration, design as well as editing
  • Communication and branding
  • Content promotion and distribution
  • Media buying and advertising
  • Strategy development, execution as well as campaign management
  • Reporting, metrics and analytics

2. Transparency is going to be the most important trend:

In the recent times, customers have an excess of brand advertising! It is indeed true that the millennial today happens to be much more advanced as well as progressive and also want organizations to be more transparent, authentic as well as focused enough to give back to the society that makes them the brand that they are today! However, today customers in totality want equal transparency. This feels sometimes customers are of the opinion that a company isn’t being completely honest. This is a wide gap that needs to be bridged. Hence, in the recent times to come it is essential for brands to practice disclosure and transparency when they work on their content marketing strategies. With the emergence of the endorsements and influencer marketing, today it’s much more essential to generate transparent relationships with the updated customer.

3. It’s content that will guide the buyer/customer’s journey:

If you observe the online marketing segment in its entirety, you will realize that there aren’t many tactics that can function without content on its own. Imagine once the kinds of marketing that the average brands do on a regular basis at multiple levels. They are broad:

  • Blogs and articles
  • Lead magnets
  • Social media posts
  • Email marketing
  • Visible media, such as Infographics
  • eBooks and white-papers
  • Videos that are live and pre-recorded feeds
  • Podcasts
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Lead nurturing as well as relationship-building campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Content-driven sales materials and messages

Companies that have been specializing in digital marketing services in India have come to realize that content marketing in the days to come will continue to expand as the basis of all marketing and other lead generating strategies taking place in 2018. What is essential to keep in mind in this context is that the content is the main aspect that is going to draw the attention of the target customers and is also the prime factor that will generate faith of the customers in your brand. It is the entire experience that the content generates which is instrumental in shifting the customer from atop the funnel to down where the final stage of lead conversion happen, with the customer making a purchase.

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