Top 4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Follow

Top 4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Follow

If you have an online business, then digital marketing is something that you will have to opt-in for. Digital marketing services in India today have evolved in a great way. If you have been thinking about online marketing strategies, here are the best initiatives that you can add on to your online marketing mix.

Ephemeral content:

Ephemeral content is going to be on the rise in the days to come. Simply, put ephemeral content can be best defined as a restricted post that goes off after a limited time frame. Today, Instagram has said yes to disappearing posts like Snapchat. This has added in a whole new section of an audience as well. However, generating content that is bound to go off after 24 hours is something that might seem “not working” at the first go. But in a way, it has worked for many brands and has helped them keep their online users engaged and also attract a whole set of new customers online as well.

Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing made its way in 2016 and is definitely here to say! This is a successful online marketing tactic.  Word of mouth marketing is one of the best forms of marketing. Humans trust more when they hear another person or source appreciating a brand’s product, service or program. You may consider influencer marketing as word of mouth publicity. It is true that influencers are not friends per say. However, they have a shared value from each other. The best way to define influencers is trendsetters and thought leaders. So when you join hands with the correct partner your brand would get the best visibility to a whole new range of customers. This will help you to make increased sales as well.

Snapchat advertising:

Back in 2016, Snapchat has introduced two amazing advertising feats in 2016. And it is absolutely worth trying out. This will help you to expand your ad across various platforms.  However, Snapchat might not be the best platform for all the brands. It essentially caters to a younger race than the majority of social platforms. However, if you want a rather interesting mix of your online content, then Snapchat is a good online marketing opportunity for you.

Innovating and personalizing your content:

By now you know it’s essential to consider content marketing. Your content will become even more crucial in the years to come. The crucial aspect to notice is that as more brands start investing in setting up interesting and new content. Hence, going forward it will take effort on your part to ensure that your brand does well that other market players. This is the reason why you have to get into content innovation. You start maintaining an active blog.  Other than blogs you can also come up with innovative content ideas for your social media posts and many more.

The advent of lifecycle marketing:

This includes the generation of managed communication. It also involves a managed content strategy to integrate and prioritize the overall marketing communication avenues. Furthermore, the objective is also to assist prospect cum consumers on their way of making a purchase using mediums such as re-targeting or persuasive customized messaging.

This tool has been created in a way to allow members think via all the needed potential touch-points all through the owned, earned and paid media channels. After this, a gap analysis is conducted to outline the effectiveness of the lifecycle communication. It can also be used to improve the significance of communications.

Incorporating video to the customer’s journey:

Video in the recent times is gaining increased popularity. This popularity is fuelled by social media itself. YouTube happens to be the second largest search engine after Google today. However, recent data highlights that gradually video search is increasing and YouTube as a search engine is coming at par with Google Search as well. Hence, integrating video content to your existing content marketing strategy will help to boost your organic traffic and brand visibility.

Today, there are several brands that are venturing into the digital space. As suggested by most professional SEO companies, having a competent online marketing strategy is what will help them move ahead on the path of competition.

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