Ways to Combat Negative SEO

Ways to Combat Negative SEO

In recent times there has been ample talk about Negative SEO that has been making rounds in the online marketing landscape. And this is often seen as a threat to online reputation management. Though negative SEO isn’t something new, in the recent years it has gained prominence because today there’s acute online competition and this makes every company fear about the slightest of the hazard that might rob its years of effort to create brand authenticity along with awareness and visibility. However, the good news is should this happen to your company there are ways in which you can avert and combat the same.

Let us assume that the probabilities of your company website being attacked by negative SEO are less! In reality, Negative SEO takes time and patience on the side of the cyber hackers to plant the attack. Pointing out several low-quality sites will not much affect your website in the long term if you are perfect with every other thing. However, should there be a faux pass from your end in the past, then negative SEO might hamper your reputation and daily function. And if your brand has established itself in an organic way, chances are that few links won’t do harm to your company.

According to most professional SEO companies here are the best ways to combat negative SEO.

Get the emails: You simply need to set up the Google Webmaster Tool email forwarding option and also have your profile updated in the Bing Webmaster Center, for receiving emails when you get messages. You can select this monthly, weekly or daily. This will enable the search engines to inform you when they detect some error with your site.

Create alerts: You can simply go ahead and check the Google Analytics Guide. Here you might need to create your boundaries that work for your website. It could be aspects like a sudden fall in the traffic, the rise in the bounce rates and the minimizations in conversions. These checkpoints will help you to stay aware.

Simply check your website:

Either you go ahead and manually check the website or you should get someone to do that for your company! The best way is to procure a volunteer outside of your company and ask him/her to search one of the key terms for which you have got good ranks and then browse the site. Take their feedback whilst the process. This will enable you a certain peace of mind knowing that your site is working all find and is stable.

Trace the links:

You can trace the link metrics from AHREFs, Majestic SEO or OpenSiteExplorer. Selecting any one is good. Check out for the entire amount of links as well as the root domains. Investigate any crucial change that takes place. As you start this you will start seeing the trends and check out the things that look different from the trends.

Recognize the new referring domains:

This is a rather complex one. However, once you get a little experience of it, you can use it for building links. You have to simply download the referring sites in the analytics package, from a span of 2 months before and also the last month. Select out any site which has a mention more than two times and what will be remaining are the fresh referring domains. You can also check for other peculiarities as well. In addition to that, just in case there is a fresh domain that refers to traffic and looks impressive, then check in-depth and analyze which page is recording the increased traffic and things like the anchor text. Also, thank the company that had linked you.

Any ace digital marketing company in India will suggest you go ahead with these 5 pointers as this will enable you to keep a check on your site in an effective way. The apt way to combat through a negative SEO is to create a website that is robust and can’t be affected in any way. However, take ample time to make sure that your backlink profile is well developed and concentrate on the relationships, as opposed to ranking number one for any specific term. You might feel awkward about the idea of what Bing or Google recommends. But it’s essential to remember that it’s their index.

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