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Word Press has evolved into one of the most user-friendly CMS systems in the world, with a large number of business owners choosing to use it when they need to create their own websites. The wide range of features and easy customization opportunities make Word Press one of the most preferred content management platforms which can be used for coming up with different types of unique websites and portals. One of the distinct benefits that are offered by Word Press is that it is also quite well suited for digital marketing purposes. In fact, companies offering digital marketing services strongly recommend using Word Press as it can be easily promoted online through various means, which can generate better ranking on SERPs and greater traffic rates. A professional SEO company like Media Fx can recommend effective solutions for a client that can help in superior brand development and widespread exposure.

Here are some of the types of digital marketing methods that can be implemented easily with a Word Press site :

Content Marketing : Since Word Press started as a content management system, it is the most effective tool in the market right now that aids in content marketing. Among the different types of digital marketing strategies that can be tried out by a company, content marketing is one of the most important ones as it helps to drive customer interest and makes him or her come back to the site regularly for further information. Business organizations can produce content that is useful to their target audience. This content can then be further promoted through social media channels so that they are read by more number of target users.

Content marketing also plays a crucial role when it comes to driving search engine visibility. This can be achieved by effective use of targeted short tail and long tail keywords and phrases within the content. Well-written content with the most searched keywords can increase the value of a site to the target audience. Such value can help in building backlinks or links that revert back to the site through social sharing as well as other mentions. Such factors make Word Press an ideal CMS program for content marketing. The Word Press tool has been refined and upgraded over the years so that it offers robust performance as a blogging site and content management system. Numerous new features have been added to it in its later versions that have made it a perfect system for creating, editing and posting website content.

Utility Marketing : Utility Marketing or utility content marketing is a relatively new concept in the world of digital marketing services. Basically, it means coming up with content that will be useful to the target audience. In order to create such content, a business firm needs to spend more time with the target audience, develop an understanding of what they want or what they are looking for and create content that perfectly caters to their diverse needs. The content can come in different forms, such as written text, images or videos, but they should solve a purpose for which the target customer is visiting the site. Taking the following steps can develop utility content :

• Developing buyer personas.
• Taking an inventory of the existing content.
• Determining the content team.
• Developing a content plan by assigning different forms and types of content to the personas.
• Map the content to various channels, like social, mobile, desktop and email.
• Checking stats regularly and adjusting the content as needed.

Word Press presents a wide range of tools that can make it an effective utility marketing system. Although Word Press does not function like iMIS or other Association Management Systems, Word Press can certainly present users with a wide range of plugins that can help site owners to manage most of their membership needs. Word Press also comes with an iMIS plug-in of its own. These plugins can be used for managing large number of members, schedule events, offer payments, sell merchandise and carry out other important tasks. Both medium sized businesses as well as large corporations can benefit greatly by using these features as they can help in developing a loyal customer following. By using the plugins along with a well-developed digital marketing strategy, business organizations can easily turn their websites into portals from where their clients and members can access vital information.

Community Building : Word Press offers a number of functional tools that can be used by business owners for building community hubs for clients, members and all those who form the target audience for the business firms. This can naturally help business companies to create a loyal community, the members of which can share and discuss the content, merchandise and events that are presented on the official websites of the business owners.

SEO : SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process through which a site is optimized for the search engines. A professional SEO company can optimize the business site as well as all the links associated with it so that Google considers them valuable and important based on certain high searched keywords and phrases. The tools and features that are included in Word Press make it extremely effective for SEO purposes.

• By using Yoast and other similar plugins, one can easily evaluate the SEO elements and strength of a site’s page or even customize the META description and page title.
• Word Press eradicates the scope of any content bottlenecks so that content can be updated more frequently. This can help in improving SERP rankings.
• Word Press makes it possible for a site owner to have a dedicated team of content developers and editors working for the site. This means that the team is invested to make the site a success.

Therefore they can edit or tweak the content in any way necessary to make sure that the site always enjoys good ranking in the SERPs.

Increasing Conversions : While on page and off page SEO tactics can help to bring traffic to a website and generate leads, it is also necessary to convert this traffic into sales so that the desired revenue can be earned. Conversion is a process that is necessary to drive sales and take the business to higher levels of success. Unless sales are generated through the content and the SEO strategies used, it is ultimately of no use. Word Press is a highly effective CMS program when it comes to generating sales conversions. It comes with numerous features that allow site owners to see which of their content gets the maximum likes, comments, visits and shares. The site owners can then change or alter the poor content and highlight and expand the good content.

Word Press also allows users to track which of their call to action messages can deliver the expected results and which ones do not. In this way, they can take necessary steps of action to modify the call to action messages so that they generate more leads and sales. With Word Press, the site owners can experiment with different types of call to action messages and offers. It also offers the business management to make effective decisions on the content as well as the call to action message by trying out different options that yield better results.

The web designing and development firm that is working on a website can come up with stylized calls to action links and callouts such as boxes and buttons. There are also a number of plugins available which can make it easier for the developer to create easily editable call to action boxes.

Responsive Web Designing : Since a large number of people nowadays choose to browse the internet in their mobile devices, it has become important for a site to be designed in a responsive manner. This means that the site should be designed in such a way that it responds appropriately to different types of screen sizes. Web designers love to work on Word Press websites as they can be easily modified into responsive websites. A site that is made by using Word Press CMS system is light, easy to load and can be responsively designed so as to ensure easy browsing for the end users. This naturally improves its ranking in the Google’s pages as Google has already announced that it is going to favor websites that are built for better browsing on smartphones.

Agile Marketing : Agile marketing indicates towards the flexibility that a digital marketing firm has when it comes to deciding on the marketing and promotions of a given site. While at one point of time, the marketing team needed to work closely with the design and development team in order to take important SEO and online marketing decisions, agile marketing would help the marketing team to implement online marketing features to their Word Press website as and when they feel like. This is certainly going to be more important in 2017 and the coming years. The latest version of Word Press is already equipped with a number of features that would make agile marketing a lot easier and feasible.

These factors that are discussed above make Word Press a highly convenient CMS system in terms of online marketing needs. An experienced digital marketing company like Media Fx can come up with effective solutions for their clients that can help in taking their business to greater heights. By taking into consideration the specific needs of the business firm, the digital marketing company can provide with customized solutions that offer better online ranking and greater popularity and acceptance with the target audience. Such services can also help a company to develop a loyal fan following that can help in further growth of business prospects.

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